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Mental Health Matters

Key mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and phobias impact many people. GP2U doctors liaise closely with mental health specialists in the provision of appropriate, and often on-going, treatments.

To explore the mental health related therapies available via GP2U please visit our sister site:

Lose Fat and Build Muscle

We've made the confusing and expensive world of weightloss simple. If you’ve battled with your weight, we get it. We know it’s not your fault and know how to help.

If the old tired advice of diet and exercise is not working for you please Click here to learn about our weightloss service and the six medical secrets to weightloss success.

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Alcohol and Drug Advice and Treatment

If you're worried that you're drinking too much, you've already taken the first step. The next one is to do something about it. While the solution to many of life's problems is rarely found in the bottom of a bottle there are a number of medications that are proven to help.

Some of our doctors also have a special interest in addiction to other drugs.

Take control today, book a confidential appointment now and get your life back on track.

Hepatitis C Scripting and Follow Up

PBS listing for the new Hep C medications means all Australians are able to get government subsidised medication from your local pharmacy. In order to access the life changing medication you will need a prescription from a General Practitioner (GP) or liver specialist.

We also see patients outside Australia and provide prescriptions and remote monitoring of generic Hepatitis C treatment as well as expert retreatment advice. More details can be found at

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Sexual Health - We Care

Many people find it hard to talk to their regular GP about sexual health matters, and instead suffer in silence. At GP2U we know that when it comes to sexual health confidentiality is paramount.

PrEP, Impotence, Premature Ejaculation, and the screening and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections can often be dealt with privately online ...

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Corporate Remote Medical Support

Whether you are looking for an innovative solution to support regional and remote staff or an exclusive solution for your top executives GP2U can help. Contact our corporate health team today: Sarah Richardson

If you're doing FIFO and never seem to be able to find time to see a doctor during those precious days at home, why not see a doctor online while you are onsite?

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What People Are Saying About GP2U

The entire process of using this service is flawless! The doctor was fantastic as well as his staff and I have never dealt with such an insightful, holistic doctor. He actually listens to your problems and thoughts before making a judgement. I would recommend this service to anybody! Thank you! - Hayley  Freemantle
I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is making an amazingly rapid recovery. The combination of the creams and antibiotics has had an immediate impact on the sores. They are disappearing and the inflammation has subsided. Thanks for your great help in arranging the review by a dermatologist! - Gabrielle  Proserpine
I would highly recommend GP2U as a telehealth system. It is very easy for me to monitor my appointment bookings online, and it takes care of my billings through Medicare with the click of a button. The GP2U team have been very responsive and helpful, and are obviously committed to making the system run smoothly. - Dr Katie Dimarco  Sydney
I recently experienced your virtual doctoring online for the first time and i just wanted to let you know that it was a very pleasant experience.Such an easy service to use i will be sure to spread the positive word. Thank you. - Amy  NSW
BTW, you offer a great service with GP2U.Populating my calendar with appointments, and the reminders, are great. - David  Melbourne
I've been really impressed both with the system and the caring attitude and careful review and questioning of the doctors participating in the program. I didn't need to use any special camera and have felt as if I was in the same room. As someone with a mobility problem also, GP2U saves me a lot of hassle re parking and transport. Highly recommend. - Susan  Redfern
I would like to provide feedback about your service. I found it very easy to book an appointment and use the app to connect with a GP. The GP took the time to listen and was very empathetic about my concerns. It was a great experience and I really felt heard and understood. I recently met with a psychiatrist who was terrific as well. - Cary

He took the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment which made me feel very hopeful about my recovery. Both medical professionals were warm and so recovery focused, it was a great experience especially in a very difficult time. I really appreciate that I have access to this service as otherwise I would need to travel 300-500km to access support. Thank you so much, I’m very thankful for all the support that I’ve received. - Cary

Quick and easy when you don’t have time to sit in a GP office for hours waiting with other patients spreading germs.
Great service. Dr’s are lovely and very willing to help. very convenient and saves me time and money.
Great Service for people who can’t get to GP or feel uncomfortable with GP. My DR was extremely nice and understanding.
Was really happy with service. Convenient, professional and easy to use. I liked how I could see a doctor from the privacy of my own home.
The GP I spoke with was really knowledgeable and I felt I developed a rapport with him over a couple of years.
Professional, convenient, secure and reasonably priced.. Gives such peace of mind.
Efficient, effective, timeous, genuinely interested and well informed.
Fantastic service. Friendly Doctors, easy to book appointments, no waiting times and all done from home. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Definitely the way of the future.
GP2U is a professional convenient service. I have used them on about 6 occasions to date. You can speak to the same GP every time if you wish allowing you to build a relationship of trust and comfort. I love GP2U and will happily continue to use them in the future.
Great service. thank-you very much.
I have 2 babies and I find it really hard to get to my GP. I found GP2U to be really convenient and the doctors that you provided where really helpful. I will continue to use GP2U, I think they are fantastic!
This service was very professional, personal and convenient. I Would recommend this service.

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